How to Reset Mi Band 4 & Band 5

The limited storage space on Mi Band 4 & Mi Band 5 might sometime gives you hiccups while using it. Both comes with 512KB RAM and 16MB of internal memory space, which is too low for storing different kinds of data. It is true; fitness trackers don’t need much space to run in a different environment. We can synchronize the data on the paired smartphone and free some space. But sometimes it is hard to do that and as a result, the performance becomes slow. That time we can factory reset Mi Band 4 or Mi Band 5 to erase all the saved data to improve the speed.

In this article, I will show you how you can factory reset or hard reset & soft reset Mi Band 4 & Band 5 trackers. Just keep in mind, after resetting you will lose all the data & other information from the band so first synchronize it with a paired smartphone. You can save all the data with Mi Account from the Mi Fit app. On the other side, if you restart the gadget then the device will witness some speed boost in the daily usage. To factory reset or restart the Mi Band 4 & Band 5, follow these instructions.

How to reset Mi Band 4 & Band 5

Reset Mi Band 4

1. On your Mi Band 4 or Band 5, go to More option

2. Now click on Settings

3. Here, you will see Factory Reset

4. When you tap on Factory Reset, it will warn you

5. Now accept the warning & your band will reset

How to Restart Mi Band 4 & Band 5

1. Go to More option on the band

2. Click on Settings

3. Now tap on Reboot

4. It will ask you to Reboot Now

5. Accept it & your band will restart

When you factory reset the tracker then you have to pair it with the Mi fit or Amazfit app. Because when you reset the device, then you lose all the data & your personal information. You have to pair it again from the start. It is not the case with a soft reset or restarts that it will only reboot the device.