How to Unlock Laptop with Mi Band 4, Band 5 & Band 6

Xiaomi’s Mi Bands are known as top trackers in the overall quality. You will get all the necessary features for your every usage, and some advanced functions are exclusive to it. Now, look at the Do Not Disturb, Music control, Find Phone, which was firstly introduced on Mi Bands in the very low price range. Still, in the market, Mi Band 3 & 4 are categorized in the budget segment. Though, its specification is comparative to the Fitbit Charge 3 & Galaxy Fit wearables.

Now to make the Mi Band series even more advanced, Xiaomi has introduced a laptop unlocking function. The new featured update will allow you to open your Windows laptop using Mi Band 3, Band 4, Band 5 & Band 6 trackers. To get this function, first, you have to upgrade your Mi Band to the new software version and the latest Mi Fit app version. Before it, you have to use third-party tools to open the laptop, but now you will get the necessary function right in the Mi Fit app. For newbie users, here is the guide to unlocking laptops with Mi Bands.

Unlock Laptop with Mi Bands

Mi Band Unlock Laptop

1. Open Mi Fit app

2. Tap on Profile & select your device

3. Scroll Down & open Lab option

4. Now Switch on the Unlock MiBook

5. Now on Laptop, download Mi Unlock Tool / Mi Blaze Unlock from Windows Store

Once you download the Mi Unlock Tool app, open the scan band tab to pair the Mi Band. You can pair only one Mi Band for security reasons. It will take some time to match the tracker. After the pairing, it will ask you about the Windows credential information for the authentication. Enter the correct information and press, OK.

At this time, you can only unlock Xiaomi Notebook or Redmi Notebook in the selected countries. In the next update, it may open all the other laptops in other countries. For any trouble, we are here to help you, so drop your words in the comment box.

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  1. In the windows store, there is not an app named Mi unlock tool. Where to download the app can u provide the link? plz

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