How to Use Alexa or Google Assistant on Galaxy Buds+, Live & Pro

The Bixby is Samsung’s homegrown voice assistant, which we find in every Galaxy device. It includes Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy tablets & Galaxy wearables including trackers & earbuds. In the last few years, Samsung has tried several times to improve its quality, and trust me, the team has done an excellent job. Though they have enhanced their quality, there are many users who prefer other personal assistants on their devices like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for some reason. Both are very old voice assistants and direct rivals to the Apple Siri & Microsoft Cortana.

Now, come to the point. If you are Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa fan, then in this article, I will guide how you can use them on Galaxy devices. Right now, we will start with Samsung’s earbuds, and later we will cover other devices. The Galaxy Buds lineup by default comes with a Samsung Bixby voice helper.

It takes many voice commands from the users to act accordingly. For some reason, you have made your mind to use other services, then let’s find out how to do it. These methods will work on Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live & Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds. Also, you can select Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant on the earbuds. Here is how to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant on Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live & Galaxy Buds Pro.

Alexa on Galaxy Buds Pro

1. Find Bixby on your paired smartphone

2. Tap & hold Bixby

3. Now tap on App Info option

4. Click on ‘Set as Default’

5. On the next screen, press the ‘clear default’ button

6. It will remove Bixby option from the Buds

7. Open Galaxy Wearable app

8. Put your Galaxy Buds in ear

9. Go to Touch Control

10. Here in Touch Control option, select Voice command

11. Now, touch & hold or long press on your earbuds

12. The popup will appear on your paired smartphone

13. You will see supoorted voice assistant apps on the screen

14. Select Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and set it

15. Now you are give command

It is a long process to activate your favorite voice assistant. It is also true that not every device has Bixby. Still, it is your choice. Note that, to set new assistant, first you have to install that app on your phone, and then you can set it.