How to Use Amazon Alexa on Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2

The Amazfit Alexa is now planting on every major Amazfit smartwatches. It started on a Zepp Z smartwatch and then the budget-watch Amazfit Bip U Pro. The recently launched Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2 are also lucky to receive this voice assistant. It is capable to answer many of your daily questions like set an alarm, play a song, set a reminder, open workout modes, and many such essential services. Amazon Alexa is known as a major rival to the Apple Siri & Google Now. You can’t even expect such accurate results from Samsung Bixby services, though it still needs to learn many tricks in the market.

The Alexa feature is missing on the Samsung Galaxy watches, Apple Watch Series & Google’s Wear OS devices. It is only available for Fitbit, Garmin & Huami wearable devices. This topic will cover Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2 smartwatches, and their other editions. Both devices are now available widely in major countries. Only the home country China doesn’t support Amazon Alexa, but it is available in all the remaining countries like the US, the UK & India. Here are the tips on how to use Amazon Alexa on Amazfit GTR 2 & Amazfit GTS 2 watches.

Alexa on Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2

Alexa on Amazfit GTR 2

1. Open the Zepp app

Don’t be shocked by the name. It is the new name of the Amazfit app, and due to some reason, Huami has changed it. If you are living in China, then the Amazfit app name is still there.

2. Open the Profile tab

On the main screen or the first screen of the Zepp app, the Profile tab is located below. Tap on the Profile to open it.

3. Go to Add Account

In the next step, you have to go to Add Account section. Where you can add any third-party services like Strava, Google Fit & Amazon Alexa.

4. Choose Amazon Alexa

As I said, on this screen, you can add many essential services. Here Choose the Amazon Alexa function to connect it with the smartwatch.

5. Click Allow Authorization

Now, it is necessary to get access to the service. On the display, you will see Allow Authorization. To get access, give permission.

6. In the next step, Alexa will be added to the wearable

After finishing the steps, Amazon Alexa will be added to the Amazfit GTR 2 & Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatches. After that, you can give all the commands and see the results with your eyes. Almost all commands are accurate, though you can experience it yourself.

7. Add as a watch face or theme

Easily, you can also add Amazon Alexa as a current watch face. The main benefit of the watch face is that you can access it quickly.

Amazon Alexa voice assistant service is one of the perfect services out there. Still, it is new to smartwatches. I am not giving any review to the voice assistant, so use it and give your review & rating.

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  1. Alexa is not an option for Add Account, under the available options such as WeChat, Google Fit, Strava,…

    Zepp app is updated.
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