Today’s advanced smartphones are capable to do lots of innovative or advanced things that we cant do in the back days. The call recording is one of such functions we might need in life. It is not necessary to record all the calls from the saved numbers or unknown numbers. In some incidents, we always think that we have to at least record the recent audio calls for reference purposes. The new Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra devices have this feature on the board. You might have missed it on your new Galaxy smartphone, because by default, Samsung has hidden it in the setting.

Yes, every call you record will take some memory storage. It is not the issue as you can later delete recordings that you don’t want or you have done with it. If you have made your mind to use the call recording function, then follow these steps to activate the feature on the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Call Recording on Galaxy S21 Ultra

Call Recording on Galaxy S21

1. Open Phone app on Galaxy S21

Head to the Phone app option. Well, this not the hard step, but still if you want me to tell you, then it is available as an app. you can also go to the Call setting through Settings.

2. Tap on Settings

It is not the smartphone setting, but the setting option inside the Phone app. You will see three dots on the upper-right side. Click on it.

3. Now select Record Calls

The Record Calls option includes what you want from your phone. Click on the option to go ahead.

4. Activate Auto Record Calls

Here, you have to enable or activate the Auto Record Calls option. After that, all your incoming calls will automatically record on the phone.

5. Choose other essential services

In the same area, you will see other options. The first one is ‘Show notifications after recording’ and the other is ‘Storage location’. When you enable it first, then it will notify you when it recorded the call.

If you have selected Auto record calls, then every call will show notifications about the saving of the call. The Storage location option allows you to choose where you want to store the calls. It takes some memory space, so you have to choose in which storage location you want to save it.

In the same way, you can also deactivate the option and it will not save the calls. Also, don’t forget to clear the memory by deleting unwanted saved calls. You can delete calls from the Voice recorder app on your smartphone. Go with these steps on your Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra devices to record calls.

By Madhav Biradar

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  1. Incorrect info, feature not enabled in most countries

    change of csc using ordin also blocked for s21

  2. I found the answer myself.
    “Please note that the feature may or may not be available in certain regions depending on whether the local laws allows it or not.”
    You don’t mention it.

  3. That’s not true. The latest version of the S21 Ultra software. And I have no recording function.

    Besides, it’s not a hidden menu. Developer Options – This is a hidden menu.

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