13 Best Apps For Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ & Galaxy S10e

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ are the latest versions of Galaxy series and both are very stunning by all means. It comes with amazing specifications and features so you can use it in a proper professional way as per your needs. The best combination of hardware & software features give it a grant of the best premium smartphone in the market. As per the specs it will carry legacy of Galaxy S9 & Galaxy Note 9 smartphone to become main rival to Apple & Huawei smartphones. The next Galaxy S20 series will compete with iPhone 11 series devices though Galaxy S10 is the best smartphone in the overall quality.

The new deal with Spotify will provide you 6 months of free subscription to listen any songs and you can get discounted Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Buds with new models. Some curated apps & games are stunningly made for it. In this article I will suggest you top 13 apps for these two new devices so you could use at their best potential. Here I am giving you the list of best 13 apps supported to both the variant, so it will be easier to you to select best apps for your phone as per your want.

1. Camera FV-5

Galaxy S10 Apps

The camera is one of the main functions of any smartphone when buying a cell-phone, a camera check is everyone’s first step towards it. This app is appropriate for both the new creation of Samsung. The app is known for DSLR manually photography controls accessed by using Android. It has features like speed-priority modes, long exposure support, DSLR like viewfinder display, and the crucial, access of all camera functions assignable to the volume key. This can become your best camera app for Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e & Galaxy S10+ smartphones.

To make the interface user-friendly, there are 30 options of languages given to you so you can choose a comfortable language to use the app. Different storage platforms are also given in that so you can differentiate all the files with customized file names. While using Camera FV-5, you have full manual control over all photographic aspects and parameters; it is very much helpful for your photography by all means. It is available for $2.99 in the Play Store.

Download: Camera FV-5

2. Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC is the best and pure photo editor app for your Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus because devices support with raw HDR capture mode. It provides us all advanced photo editing features with vigorous premium features. It has a pro-level camera with color mixer, cutting-edge camera mode, lots of edits and exposure, and tone curves.

Selective adjustments, raw editing, adobe sensei, creative cloud storage, and geometry are the premium feature collections. Lightroom premium functionalities are easy to use; these features will take your photography skills to the next level. You can do advanced sharing and photo showcasing via Lightroom CC web galleries.

Download: Adoble Lightroom

3. MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro is an advertisement free version of MX player, so now you can watch anything without add interruption. It is a video player with advanced hardware acceleration. It has multi-core decoding, subtitle gesture, kids, lock function, and pinch to zoom, zoom and pan option. It means you can do zoom in & out by just swiping across the screen or pinching.

This app is not free; you can download it from Play Store by paying the purchase amount through Google Pay or other payment modes. It is the first Android video player app that has a multi-core decoding feature. Micro DVD, DVD, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks, and substation alpha with full styling are the subtitle formats supported to this app. It is available for $4.99 in the store.

Download: MX Player Pro

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4. Opera News

It is the global news app that keeps you connect to the local, current, trending, and important news and topics to keep you up-to-date. With this, you can watch the latest videos, share feeds and videos to others, and read all the articles shared by media like a newspaper. It has some features- top news, Instaclips, search news, personalized news, new push notification, my interest graph, offline reading, and data saving mode.

You can save your favorite videos and articles by using save your favorite feature. Opera News is powered by an AI news engine; it delivers real-time content as per your interest. You have to follow your favorite channels to get the latest feeds personalized. Instaclips feature is the collection of entertainment-related viral videos just to entertain you. Opera news will never share your data, searches, history, or anything else to anyone.

Download: Opera News

5. Spotify

Galaxy S10+ Apps

Spotify is now available for mobile and tablets. Also, for both devices, it is free, but it also has some premium features which you have to buy. With using Spotify, you can access almost all songs and podcasts. It gives you the chance to listen to any music anytime and anywhere. Its premium features are ad-free so you can enjoy the song without interruption with great sound quality.

You can download your favorite songs and add them to your favorites list to listen whenever you want, some are free to download, but for some creations, you have to pay. You can select a ready-made playlist from Spotify suitable to your mood or can get recommendations from the app to add in your favorites.

Download: Spotify

6. Music Video Maker

As per the name of the app, all can understand what it’s work. It is the slideshow and photo music, video maker. You can create your image video with a favorite background song. This app is giving you access to all edit options to make your lyric photo video more graceful.

You can create videos just by following some steps. Firstly, you have to select pictures from your collection, then edit them if needed, add your song, set timing of your video, your lyric photo video is ready to share with friends. You can save these videos privately in your device. App has almost all creative effects and filters, you can also do slow motion, hyper-speed, and time-lapse with using it.

Download: Music Video Maker

7. Google Indic Keyboard

With Google Indic Keyboard, you can type what you want in your native language on any Android device. It includes more than 12 languages keyboard for every user so everyone could use it in their comfortable language. It supports different modes of inputs like translation mode, native keyboard mode, handwriting mode (available for Hindi keyboard only), and interesting Hinglish mode.

You can set Google Indic Keyboard as default, it is easy to use and it suggests you the correction while you are typing so your grammatical mistakes would be less than another keyboard typing.

Download: Google Indic Keyboard

8. Hotstar

Galaxy S10 Apps

Hotstar is the best entertainment app to watch TV shows, latest movies and live sports events on your Android device. It is a live streaming app, with it you can watch on-the-go live news and almost all media stuff. It is available in 17 languages for the latest movies; you can watch every coverage of essential and global events related to sports or entertainment shows like award function, etc.

You can see some categorized list for movies- Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Vernacular movies, and related to your search history. You can watch Hindi TV serials, English shows or series, online series, and Hotstar originals. Cricket match, football live events, and many other live sports events support to it for you.

Download: Hotstar

9. WhatsApp Business

As its name suggests, this dedicated app will enable you to become more responsive and efficient towards your customers. WhatsApp Business app is the platform which you can use to communicate effectively with your customers as well as helps you grow business. Along with WhatsApp Messenger, you can also run this app on your phone provided that you should have separate numbers for both of them.

It allows you to create a profile with valuable information to share with customers. WhatsApp Business app can also be registered with a landline number and for that select ‘call me’ option to verify contact number. You are using WhatsApp Web response to customers via computer with optimum efficiency. Business Messaging Tools of the app makes you more responsive towards customers and enhances connectivity.

Download: WhatsApp Business

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10. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher enables you to customize and control your home screen effectively according to your preferences. It includes many features such as Change icons, layouts, animation, and several more at the tap. Nova Launcher Prime is the advanced version of the app which is available for Rs.99 on Play Store, provided you must have installed the basic version first.

This Prime version unlocks several advanced features like Gestures to open your favorite app, Hide Apps, icon swipes for app shortcuts, Customer Drawer Group and More scroll effects. Unread Conunts feature never let you miss any message. Nova Launcher Prime is avilable for $1.29 in the Play Store

Download: Nova launcher Prime

11. Amazon Alexa

Galaxy S10 Apps

Amazon Alexa app is the voice-based virtual assistant that let you stay connected. You can use this app for various activities such as for news updates, listening to music, and add your to-do list to organize daily activities. This amazing app adapts your voice and vocabulary as well as helps you to manage your tasks according to the set preferences. The app is always ready to accept your voice-based command and give you access with and helps you to stay connected. It enables you to discover more things ranging from music to manage timers and alarms.

Download: Amazon Alexa

12. FX File Explorer

It is a simple and safe file explorer app with powerful features. It enables you to manage both local, as well as a network, used files, including images, music, apps, and documents. Powerful features of the app help you to manage your files effectively and share them without any data cost. It gives you access to files from multiple platforms such as cloud storage like Google Drive, local storage, and computer devices. FX File Explorer enables you to have access to any file within seconds. You can also transfer files from one platform to another using the app.

Download: FX File Explorer

13. Mint Browser

For the safe, secure, and fastest browsing, this app provides the best option. As the app is small in size compared to other browsers, it still has the fastest speed and ensures appropriate privacy. Though the app has 10 MB size, it comes with all the important features such as incognito, reading mode, and data save option. The app basically adds free and has User-friendly design coupled with breakneck speed. These features make it a fascinating destination to have access to various sites such as Google and Facebook. Voice search function enhances your browsing experience and ensures better connectivity.

Download: Mint Browser

The Android Play Store is now full of premium quality apps & games. It makes more competitive to the Apple Store. Galaxy S10 & Galaxy S10+ both have capabilities to run every app without lacking in performance. To get these apps to go to Play Store and download them. Don’t forget to share your usage & experience with these apps.