Google’s Contacts App now Supports Galaxy Watch 4

After Google Assistant, another Google app has come to Galaxy Watch 4 series. Google’s Contact app now supports Galaxy Watch 4 series in the latest update. The app is available for other Wear OS smartwatches, and now after a break, it finally comes for Samsung watches. With the Contacts app, users can easily take backup of their phone numbers and synchronize them across all their devices.

The latest version for Watch 4 doesn’t add much value. In this version, you can only download it to synchronize all your smartphone contacts to the smartwatch. If you have previously stored contacts in the Google cloud, then you can sync them to the Galaxy Watch 4. Yes, you can search any contacts using the search option.

Apart from that, for now, there is nothing to discuss. It won’t let you create a new contact, add email, categorize them, or label them. Maybe in the next few updates, Google will add new features to the app. It also does not let you delete or edit existing contacts from the watch.

On the smartphone version, it safely takes backup of all the contacts in your phone, tablets, and computer and stores them in Google account-linked cloud. It is not the only benefit of the Contacts app. You can also sort contacts as per your need and label them.

Google has already announced it will bring more apps and services to the Wear OS 3-based Samsung watches, and the Contact app is one of them. It makes sense that Samsung’s latest smartwatches contribute largely to the Wear OS platform. You can download the Contacts app from Play Store on your Galaxy Watch 4 or paired smartphone.

Source: Play Store