Galaxy Buds Manager Crashes for all Galaxy Buds

Samsung has today dispatched the latest app version for the Galaxy Watch plugin to fix the crashing issue. The fix for Galaxy Wearable still needs to reach every Galaxy Watch user. Now, in between this situation, Galaxy buds users are reporting their Samsung apps are crashing. Users on social media, Reddit, and even the Samsung Members community are reporting the problem with Galaxy Buds Manager.

First, the users in South Korea reported the issue, and now users across all the countries are having the same problem. Users are getting ‘Galaxy Buds Manager not responding’, and ‘Galaxy Buds Manager keeps stopping’ messages.

The error message is continuously displaying on the phone screen, so many users are getting irritated. Users have shown their frustration on many platforms, but there is no response yet from the company.

Galaxy Buds Plugin Error

When the issue started for Galaxy Watch users with their Galaxy Wearable plugin, there wasn’t any problem for Galaxy earbuds users. It may have arisen after the recent app version, which has rolled out in many countries.

As we noted, users of Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds Pro & Galaxy Buds 2 have this problem. Till now, Samsung may be aware of this situation, and it will release a fixed app update next week. Are you also facing the same problem with your Galaxy earbuds?