Galaxy Watch 5 Prices will be Higher than Galaxy Watch 4

If you think the prices for Galaxy Watch 4 series are higher than Galaxy Watch 3, then you may be disappointed by the new leaks. According to the news source, Samsung is going to hike the prices of the next Galaxy Watch 5 watches. The company has again decided to increase the cost by some margin, making them costlier than ever. The leaks come courtesy of @rquandt on Twitter which has shared prices of every upcoming model.

As per the source, the prices for both Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro smartwatches will increase. It mentions that the regular model will be available in 40mm & 44mm cases. The Watch 5 Pro model will only come with a 45mm case. Also, both watches will launch with Bluetooth and LTE variants.

The price for the regular 40mm model will be 300 euros for Bluetooth and 350 euros for LTE models. The big brother 44mm model will start from 350 euros for Bluetooth and 400 euros for the LTE variant. These watches will be available in Blue, Gray, and Silver colors.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro which is going to be available in only 45mm size is priced at 490 euros for Bluetooth and 540 euros for the LTE model. It is a premium product in all these and also comes with a Titanium case. The Pro variant will replace the Classic version and also its iconic touch rotating bezel.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series starts at 269 euros and goes up to 349 euros. It is where the next watches will start at pricing. The sources claim that the next watches will have a bigger battery, skin temperature function, and Wear OS 3.5 software version. Samsung could launch Galaxy Watch 5 in its August event.