Galaxy Watch 5 will Get More Health Features with Body Temperature

Galaxy Watch 6 Leaks

Recently, Samsung has released a new software update to unlock skin temperature features in women’s health tools. The needy feature will now expand with the other health functions to get the most out of it. The official Samsung Health manager at Samsung Community South Korea has confirmed it mentioned software rollout soon for Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro watches.

The body temperature function has many advantages, but it is only available for women users in the menstrual cycle. The exact release date has not been disclosed by an official person, but we can bait on the month of May. Here is the official statement that was posted on the Samsung community forum.

Galaxy Watch 6 Leaks

Hello. I am in charge of operating the Samsung Health service.

In addition to the menstrual cycle function, new functions using the Galaxy Watch5 temperature sensor will be provided through future device SW updates.
The update schedule will be decided in consideration of service policies, etc., so we ask for your understanding that it is difficult to provide accurate information about the detailed schedule and timing.

We will forward your comments to the relevant department.

thank you