Google Assistant & Left Hand Mode Finally Coming to Galaxy Watch 4

Galaxy Watch 4 Update

In the latest firmware announcement, Samsung has finally confirmed two major functions for the Galaxy Watch 4 & Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Samsung confirms soon Google Assistant will be launching for new Wear OS 3-powered Galaxy Watch 4 duo. The Left-Hand mode feature will also release for users in the upcoming major firmware update that is happening on February 10. Both functions are useful for many users, and they were demanding them since the launching.

At the launching of new watches, Samsung had promised to bring Google Assistant along with other Google apps. All the other apps are now available in Play Store for Wear OS, except Assistant. In the back, when enquired to Samsung Community Managers, they responded with mixed responses and stayed silent on it.

The Left-Hand mode, another essential function for users was supposed to launch alongside the Samsung Internet app but was delayed due to unknown reasons. Finally, it will release on February 10 for the smartwatches.

Google Assistant for Galaxy Watch 4

In the official news, Samsung has announced a massive update for the device that brings new watch faces, health features, and many more. Users can now wear their favorite straps in matching colors and matching watch faces.

The company has tied up with the Centr app to provide better sleep, and also it will give a free 1-month trial of the Centr app. The Body composition, VO2 Max & Recovery heart rate functions have also been modified to get better results. The firmware will start releasing from February 10 in major countries.

Source: Samsung News

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  1. It would be nice to get a clear explanation as to WHEN Google Assistant will be available on the Watch 4 Series. I am currently trying to decide between Garmin, which offers Assistant and Watch 4. IMO: Google Assistant is the deal breaker.

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