Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4 Causes Major Issues

Galaxy Watch 4 Google Assistant

Last week, Samsung & Google brought Google Assistant features to Galaxy Watch 4 series. It is now available in more than 10 countries. It is a good function, and users always wanted it since the announcement of Wear OS 3 for the Galaxy Watch. Though it is a good feature, now some users are complaining about various issues with it. Initially, many users claimed it is not working with their watches, but when it does, it creates several other problems.

The users on Reddit complained that after the installation of Assistant they were forced to disconnect from paired smartphones. Moreover, the hot word ‘OK Google’ is not working for many users, and some users only use it after some tries.

The faster battery drainage issue is common in all these complainers. Almost all users get poor battery life after the installation of Google Assistant. The Google apps & services are always power-hungry, but Assistant could be one step ahead in the race.

Galaxy Watch 4 Google Assistant

Further, users have to forcefully reset their smartwatch to pair it with a smartphone. The issue is with both Samsung & non-Samsung phones, confirms users. It is not good, because after resetting the Galaxy Watch 4, users have to lose their personal data.

There is no official confirmation from Samsung or Google about the issues. Google should update Google Assistant to fix these major problems. Are you facing the same issues with your Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic?