Huawei Filed Patent for a Smartwatch with Built-in Earbuds

Huawei has filed a new patent for a peculiar smartwatch with innovative features. The patent discovered in a file gives us a hint about the next Huawei smartwatch with built-in earbuds. The discovered smartwatch is filed under the name of Huawei Watch Buds. The trademark application has submitted on march 28th to EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and is currently on paper. As the name suggests, it will be a combination of both a smartwatch and earbuds. There will be a way to make a two-in-one wearable.

It is a new concept for Huawei apart from its traditional Watch GT lineup. Despite the fact the concept is new for Huawei, it is not new to other companies. Some startups are working on this idea for a long time. New startups come with such ideas, but now the giant company is in the race. Right now, it is too early to come to any conclusion, and the patent is only on paper. It is still motivating how the company is committed to the new projects.

Huawei Watch Buds Patent

In the current lineup, Huawei has Watch 3 Pro & Watch GT 3 Runner watches in the market. The Watch Fit model represents the bigger brother of fitness bands to reduce the need for a smartwatch. The company might need some more time to build this device, and when it does, it will also reduce the need for two gadgets. Will you consider buying a product like Huawei Watch Buds, when it comes to your city?

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