How to Measure VO2 Max & SpO2 on Amazfit GTR 4 & GTS 4

There won’t be any Pro model from Zepp in the Amazfit GT lineup. The previous Amazfit GTR 3 Pro was a successful device worldwide, and it was also the first model to get third-party apps and premium features. This year, Amazfit GTR 4 & GTS 4 will fill the empty space with new features. In the series of ‘How to’ articles, today I will explain to you how to measure your SpO2 & VO2 max on these Amazfit GT watches.

The blood oxygen level is not new to the Huami watches. It is available on Bip 3 & T-Rex series watches. The VO2 max is new to the watches with a promise to improve your health. The latter function is very popular with fitness-centric people in their outdoor workouts.

For your information, VO2 max tells you how much your body has consumed oxygen during maximum-intensity exercises. The other SpO2 data will tell you the oxygen level in your body. To get both values, follow these steps.

SpO2 on Amazfit GTR 4

VO2 Max on Amazfit GTR 4 & GTS 4

To obtain the VO2 max value, you have to run for at least 10 minutes outdoors. When you finish your run, then you can view the data.

  1. To earn the data, open the run profile or exercise mode
  2. Run for 10 minutes with a 75% or higher heart rate
  3. To see the final value, open the workout status app
  4. Here, you can see the details of the history

SpO2 on Amazfit GTR 4 & GTS 4

  1. On the main screen, slide down or slide up
  2. Here is the Spo2 app
  3. Tap on it to open
  4. Click on the measure button
  5. Wait for a few seconds
  6. See the final score

You can also view the history of Spo2 in the Zepp app. Now, you can access both values on your smartwatches whenever you want. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask.