Control Music on Watch GT 2, GT 2e & GT 2 Pro

Even after having some bad years, Huawei has managed to launch the best wearables in the market. After Apple & Samsung, Huawei is always on the trend to sell its smartwatches & fitness trackers. The new smartwatch, Watch GT 2 Pro is nevertheless compared to Apple Watch Series 6 & Galaxy Watch 3, and Fitbit Sense. It comes with all the features that we see on the other wearables, and the app library will give you more apps to download. In the series of how-to articles, I will one by one reveal all the essential features of the Watch GT 2, GT 2e & GT 2 Pro.

The first useful feature I have chosen to describe is how to use the music control function on these functions. It is not a magical feature on the board. In wearables, almost all the budget for premium gadgets has this feature. With the function, you can change the songs, play next, play previous, pause, resume and see the song’s details on the main screen. The experience of the function on GT 2 Pro is better than the Watch Fit or Honor Band 6 trackers. Now let’s go through how to control music on Huawei Watch GT 2, Watch GT 2e & Watch GT 2 Pro.

Music Control on Watch GT 2 Pro

Music Control on Watch GT 2 Pro

1. Open the Huawei Health app

It all starts from here. The app is the key to connect your smartwatch with your smartphone. You can download it from the App Store or Play Store. I think you have already installed it, so go to the front page.

2. Go to the Device tab

All your connected devices are available in this section. Whether your watch is GT 2, GT 2e, GT 2 Pro, all are available here.

3. Select your Device

The main screen contains common information and the account list, but the Device section opens plenty of features specific to that smartwatch. Select your smartwatch name and open it.

4. Tap on Music settings

Here is the Music control setting. It has lots of features to control the playing of songs or videos.

5. Click on manage Music & Activate on-wrist control

In the last two settings, you will successfully get what you want. Click on the Manage Music, and then enable the on-wrist control function.

Yes, now you can run in the park and manage the music songs or videos from your Huawei Watch GT family. It is all that I want to color in this article. If you don’t understand anything in these steps then you can ask me in the box below.