Sleep Tracking Guide for Boat Storm & Xplorer

After receiving the Boat Xplorer & Boat Storm smartwatch, you may have searched for the sleep tracking function. After that, you may have been disappointed by not seeing it on the wearable. Well, don’t be nervous, the sleep tracking function is available on Boat Storm or Xplorer, but like other watches, it is not part of the smartwatch. Yes, the company has provided this function and in the low price range, I can see it is the best option. On the watch, you will not get REM sleep data or blood oxygen variation data during sleep, but apart from that everything is available to track.

The Boat sleep tracking feature is available in the ProGear app. Again, I will not confuse you, if you are not seeing it in the function list. The first page of the app contains only menu names, so the heart rate, sleep rate, and sports modes are located in the other tab. In this little guide, you will learn how to track your sleep and see the data in the ProGear app. Do the first thing. Download & install the official pairing app Boat ProGear from the Play Store, and then follow these points.

After comparing it with Noise Colorfit Ultra & the other Boat Xtend, the sleep monitoring sensor is one of the accurate in its price range. Of course, you can’t compare it side by side with Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Apple Watch Series 7 & Fitbit Sense. They are all expensive watches with advanced sensors but to get alerts, your Boat Storm is enough.

Sleep Tracking on Boat Storm & Xplorer

1. Open Boat ProGear app

Boat Storm Sleep Tracking

It is the main hub for the watch and all the synchronized data will be stored in this place. It stores all the options and the third-party app connections in one place. Even your daily sleep data will be here, it is the reason, it is important to open the account with the app.

2. In the Home tab, tap on the Sleep option

Boat Storm Sleep Tracking

The four main tabs will be available on the first page of the app. The ‘Home’ tab is the first one, where the Sleep option is available. Click on the Sleep option to move further.

3. Now see a daily score and other aspects on this page

Boat Storm Sleep Tracking

When sync all your sleep data from Boat watch to the ProGear app, then you will see stored data here. On the upper side, it will show total sleeping time from the last sleep. Below it shows Deep Sleep, Light Sleep & Awake Hours.

In the Sleep tab, you can find out how much quality sleep you have achieved in the last session. With the deep, light & awake sleep patterns, you can get hints to improve your sleep score. It is scientifically proven that we need enough good sleep to stay healthy & productive. Your new Boat smartwatch will help to make that happen.