How to Use Workout Modes on Mi Band 4 & Band 5

It says that Mi band 4 & Mi Band 5 provide the best overall experience to the users. And it is not wrong as Xiaomi has packed Mi Band 4 & Band 5 with lots of functions. If you say the fourth model is more advanced than Band 3, then you can say the fifth-gen tracker is way innovative than the fourth one. We can count many features that are new to the Mi Band 5 like stress & breathing, world clock, detection activity, larger screen, and women health tool. Along with it, there are five new activities or workout modes available on Band 5, so you could perform them in daily exercises.

The Mi Band 4 has six sports modes and with the new launching, Xiaomi has added five more. The sports modes are helpful in our workouts. It makes it easy to track your exercise records and improve it day by day. It is the reason walking and running activities are in the auto-detect mode, so they can track and save your daily steps and burned calories. Apart from these, there are some other activity modes that you need to use. Here is the guide on how to use workout modes on Mi Band 4 & Mi Band 5.

Start using Workout mode on Mi Band

Mi Band Workout Modes

1. Open Mi Band 4 / Band 5

All the workouts are available on Mi Band, so you don’t have to go to Mi fit app. You can use all the activities from the band itself. On some occasions, if you don’t want some sports modes then you can hide them from the Mi Fit app.

2. Scroll down below

Scroll down the main screen above to see all the menus

3. Tap on Workout

In the dropdown functions, you will get the Workout mode option.

4. Choose the workout that you want to perform

There is a total of 11 workout modes for Mi Band 5 and six for Mi Band 4. Choose the sports mode, which you want to perform. Keep it activated until you finish your exercise. When you finish your workout, then you can see the result here.

5. Activate Detect Activity

In this option, some activities will start automatically when you perform that particular exercise. To enable it, go to More – Settings – Detect Activity. Here, enable the option to get an automatic result.

In the end, you can see the quick result on your smart band. To get detailed information about your daily activities, open the Mi Fit app, and then go to the Workout tab. You can also rearrange or remove any workout mode from your Mi Band. To do that, open Mi fit app – Profile – you Mi Band name – Workout Settings. In the Workout settings, you can hide some modes and also rearrange them as per your need.

Now, you have understood everything about the workout modes. In the next article, I will guide you on how to get the most from the sports modes. Still, something to ask in mind? Ask me a question in the comment box below.