Best Fitness Apps For Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 are the successor smartwatches in the premium Apple series, and both runs on the Apple’s latest Watch OS 6. Now the company has introduced Watch Series 5 with some exclusive fitness apps like Noise, Cycle & Sleep tracking. Apple Watches always offer the best value to money with advanced features. The new watch has many improvements and built with advanced technology that will enhance your connectivity. It is a perfect gadget for workout and fitness purposes as well as other essential works.

The WatchOS 6 is more compatible and improved for the multiple tracking activities that include overhauled health & fitness tracking system. This latest series is fundamentally re-designed and supported with the AI to match the aspirations of the customers to have the latest technology at their wrist.

For the first time, Apple provided the option of the most prominent display for the customers with this series. It introduced the 40mm and 44mm models that means the screen of the watch is more significant compared to its predecessor versions. Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 has developed with the unique feature of electrical heart sensors for tracking the health of your heart. If you encounter any emergency, you have the Gyroscope sensor inside the watch that detects all the motions inside the watch and automatically calls the emergency services.

The huge internal storage capacity of the watch allows you to install several apps which you think necessary. Reconsidering the role of this watch to monitor your health and fitness we are giving you the list of top 10 best fitness apps for Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5.

1. Nike+ Run Club

Apple Watch Apps

The important dimension of the health and fitness includes running activity at its top. Nike+ Run Club app is the best option if you are interested in improvements in your running performance. It will provide you whole guidance for the running with a perfect approach, including free guidance, coaching, and monitor your progress level. Apple released the special edition of Nike+ Run Club compatible with the watches.

2. Runtastic

Runtastic is the best app that is intended to track and monitor your running activity. The app allows you to listen to audiobooks and podcasts while performing the exercise. You can sync the app with your iPhone and get all the details related to your fitness activity on your Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 display. This app is compatible to track and display all your running stats like time, distance, pace, and the calories burned. You will get details about the nutrition and much more on this app.

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3. Strava

The Strava is the best running app that lets you perform running with all the details needed for that purpose on your wrist. This app will show you all the stat of your running session that includes the time taken for the session. Distance traveled and real-time heart rate tracking that also monitors your progress. The app has many advanced features that will give you the experience of joyful running.

4. Map My Run

To know all the details about your exercise and track your real-time exercise with the help of GPS, this app will be useful. The more advanced tracking feature of the Apple Watch, along with this app, encourages you daily for the exercise. You can select over 600 plus activities covering running, cycling, walking, and gym and get audio feedback for every activity. Record all your details and share them with the community and compete with others.

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5. Spring

If you want to stream the music while you are on the run or exercise, the app will help you for this purpose. You can even access the music without having your iPhone with you and get indulged with the music of your choice with the Spring fitness app. The app allows you to stream music and encourage your performance with high-end music.

6. Runkeeper

Runkeeper on Apple Watch

The app has all the basic to advance feature that is imperative to improve your performance to stay you fit & healthy. The Runkeeper generates its map using the GPS of the watch and tracks your location and progress. It has several features that are the screen of the watch show the elapsed time, your average speed and real-time speed, and the heart rate. You can alter the screen according to your preferences. You can customize your run screen with your priorities.

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7. Carrot Fit

Carrot Fit app includes features like Artificial Intelligence that will be at your wrist to help you in your workout preparation. This app provides you fitness with a choice of multiple exercise options. It let you perform the workout in 12 different sets of exercises allowed with breaks and training. It is compatible to track your weight and provide sarcastic feedback on the new Apple Watch.

8. Gymaholic

The New Gymaholic app is compatible with training for modeling with the help of 3D modeling techniques. The app, with its advanced functions, will be beneficial in several ways for modeling. With a smartwatch on your wrist now, you have the power to change the preferences like you can edit your sets, find your heart health with the function heart tracking features, and set the list of your exercise choices.

9. Workouts++

Workouts++ app will provide you with all the features that are advanced and ideal for helping you in multiple exercises. Now you can track your performance and progress, customize your stats screen find performance graph all on the screen of your watch. You can set the preferences of the stat on your screen accordingly. Sync the app with Siri to have the fun of indoor exercises and activities like cycling.

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10. Streaks Workout

Streak Workout on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch on your wrist will add more dimensions to your workouts when it installs with this Streak Workout app. You will perform exercise anytime and anywhere, just with the tap of your watch. All the exercise options offered by this app need no equipment, and they categorized as Quick, Everyday, Tough, and Pain workouts. The app will show animations of the exercise and give you tips for the improvements.

It is the list of top 10 health apps for the Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 smartwatches. All these apps have unique and advanced features and techniques that will add a new dimension to your fitness. The health and tracking features of the Apple Watch, downloaded with these apps, will lead you to the new level of fitness. Go to iOS App Store for Watch and download all these fitness apps.