Add & Sync Google Fit with Mi Band 5 & Band 6

Google Fit is the most recommended fitness and health app on Android & iOS smartphones. It has also appeared in Wear OS smartwatches, Google’s Android Wear platform. It let users track their fitness goals and motivate them to stay fit & healthy with different programs. In the recent version, the app allows customers to attach it with their smartwatches or fitness trackers. It reduces the need for downloading a separate app on the watch or band. Like the Mi Band 5 & Band 6 that comes with near to no memory storage there, you can use it.

Xiaomi approved the Google Fit app on its Mi Band lineup, and since Mi Band 2, you can take the help of it. Like the Strava & Under Armour fitness apps, Google Fit has all the necessary functions. You can track running, walking, sleeping, heart rate, cycling, swimming, calories burned, daily routines, and many more features. These all functions are already available on Mi Smart Band 6 or the previous models, so we need a third-party app. Well, you can sync all your daily records with Google Fit and then share them with other devices.

To the users who don’t know how to add/pair or sync Google Fit account with Mi Band 5 or Band 6, here is the simple guide. First, you have to pair your Mi Band with the Mi Fit app, and then after that, you are ready to follow the remaining steps.

Add & Sync Google Fit with Mi Band

Google Fit on Mi Band 4

1. Open the Mi Fit app

2. Tap on Profile

3. Scroll down & select Add account

4. Now click on Google Fit

5. Here, tap on Add Google Fit account

6. Here login with your Google id

7. Now “Allow” to add the account

After a successful pairing of Google Fit with Mi Band 5 or Mi Band 6, you will be able to share heart rate, sleep tracking, and other health data. That’s all for now. You can now get the best of both worlds from one of the best fitness app and one of the best fitness trackers.

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