How to Activate DND Mode on Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2

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The cool part of today’s smartwatches is they allow users to control their devices. It gives the power to use flight mode, control phone, or turn on music & camera with the watch. Further, it allows users to main their privacy with DND mode. The DND or Do Not Disturb mode is not new to the mobile world. Since the feature phones, the DND function is available on the mobiles. Now, the function in the advanced version has come to smartwatches and fitness trackers. The Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2 are two major watches that have it since the launching.

Unlike Mi Band 5 or Galaxy Fit2, the Amazfit watches come with more options. With the DND mode on Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2, users can get more control about when they should use it. They can activate it for a specific time, or when they go to sleep, so no one can disturb them. When you enable the DND mode, then you will not receive any incoming messages, app notifications, and call alerts. All the new Amazfit GTR 2, GTS 2, GTS 2 Mini, GTS 2e & GTR 2e watches support DND mode. To activate it, follow these steps.

DND mode on Amazfit

1. Slide down the main screen

2. In the shortcuts, the Moon icon is available

3. Or Slide up the main screen, and click on DND mode

4. Tap the moon icon to activate DND

5. You Get three options – Full DND, Timed & Smart modes

6. In Enable DND, you can activate DND for an unlimited time

DND Mode on Amazfit

7. In Timed DND, you can set customized time as per your requirement

8. Smart DND will automatically activate when you fall asleep

9. Again, tap on the moon icon to deactivate the mode

You can choose any of the three modes as per your daily life and requirements. In the first option, the function will be ON until you turn it off manually.

In the second option, you can set the time manually. It will be helpful when you want to activate it for a specific time like during an office hour.

In the last Smart DND option, the function will enable itself when you fall asleep. The moto of the last option is to don’t disturb you while going to sleep.

In the power saving mode, you can’t use DND mode. For that, you have to enable normal mode, but this way, you will consume battery power.