How to Enable Auto Screen Off Feature on Mi Band 4

After the auto screen timeout feature, Mi band 4 has become more customizable than before. It allows you to set the specific time to shut the screen off at a particular time. This feature was not available at the beginning when Xiaomi launched a new fitness band. After the launch of Mi Fit app 4.0.11, the company added a new feature that comes with firmware version Now the version is available in all major countries to let customers customize the screen behavior. It doesn’t support Mi Band 3 but the Mi Band 4 users are lucky to have it.

When you activate the auto screen timeout function, then you can see the main screen for a while and then it will turn off automatically. It will not impact battery life or never consume too much battery. By default, it will set to 5 seconds and then you can set manually from 6 to 10 seconds. The steps are elementary and if you want to enable it, then here is the guide to do it.

Activate auto screen timeout on Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4 Tips1. On the Mi Band 4, go to Settings

2. Now click on Auto Screen Off Time function

3. Finally, set the time between 6 to 10 seconds

It recommends you to set it to 10 seconds but by some margin, it will reduce battery life. Mi Band 4 offers 20 days of battery life though if you use it in normal mode, then it runs up to 40 days. The auto screen off feature is one of the best features that the band received in recent months. Use it and take advantage of it