Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to Have Titanium Body & 80 Hours of Battery

Galaxy Watch 5 Update

It is not the first time leakers have mentioned a big battery boost inside Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Previously, the tipster claimed to have 3 days of battery life inside the next model. Now, the new leak confirms 80 hours of battery power in the same body, which is more than what the previous leaker mentioned. With the Pro model, Samsung wants to counter all its rivals from Apple to Garmin and Amazfit to Xiaomi, which are grabbing its shares in the world market.

When Samsung left behind Tizen OS, the battery capacity on the Galaxy Watch 3 was perfectly fine for normal users. After the adoption of Wear OS 3, it dramatically decreased to one-day battery life in survival mode. We guess the next Pro model will solve this shortage.

The next tipster claims the Titanium body and 45mm only model to be available from the company. The new Titanium body will improve its design and will provide a more premium look. The premium design will surely cost users more than what they are charging for the regular Galaxy Watch 5.

Galaxy Watch 5 Battery & design

In the health segment, Samsung truly wants to compete with Garmin watches. When it comes to health and fitness, no one can match with Garmin, even Apple Watch. Garmin offers various features inside its watches, and Samsung wants to do the same with the next Galaxy watches.

In the processor, the company will use the same Exynos W920 chipset to handle all the tasks on the Pro model. In the weight, the Pro model will have double the weight of the normal variant. All these features will unveil at the next event on August 10.