Google Pay Badly Damaged In Android Q Beta Version

The latest Android Q Beta program is now available and enthusiastic users can enroll for that. Yet there is waiting of few more months for the release of stable version, users can enjoy all the features with this beta program. However, this Android Q Beta 3 program is not free from bugs and flaws. Many users who are enrolled for this version have reported issues of bugs which includes breakdown of Google Pay. Some users have already complained that Google has removed support of Android Beam which were allowed users to share pictures & other documents in easy way.

Now users have reported trouble in Google Pay, who are enrolled with the beta release. Probably the problem occurs due to the SafetyNet issue which was also happened at the release of Android P last year. Some users get notifications which says that their device has been altered and Google Pay wouldn’t function on their phone, when tried to remove and add the card to the app. This breakdown of the Pay would harm the users payment methods and raised inconvenience. Many users on Reddit are started to complaining that Google Pay is broken on their device and it is not working while paying through it.

A regular Google Pay user Austempest says:

“Google pay worked on all betas for me, tried to pay for coffee this morning after downloading beta 3 last night, no dice.

I don’t mind so much the bugs, I do mind that I couldn’t get coffee (now carry my card around since lunch as I went wallet-less over 2 years ago)”

And the Chittim says:

“Looks like it might be an intermittent issue – it worked yesterday for me at a Whole Foods, but then not this morning at a Dunkin Donuts saying “you can no longer use Google pay at stores” message.”

Here is the screenshot of Google Pay error:

Google Pay Error

As we can assume that this problem occurs due to the device not passed the SafetyNet test. Where all the users whose device has passed the test are happy with the features and didn’t complaint about the malfunction of Google Pay, but there are very few of them. Thus Google is clear in its beta release program, appearance of such issues is unfortunate and we should hope that Google will fix the issue as early as possible. This is Beta version so Google developers can do very little about the issue so we hope they will solve it in next beta version.

Android Q Beta comes with various advanced features and latest technology. It includes enhanced privacy and security environment along with the overhauled notifications system. It also accommodates improved permission management system for the advanced safety of the device as well as digital well-being. You may register to the program to experience these features on your supported devices right now.