Harmony OS 3 Releasing for Major Huawei Watches

Huawei is now releasing a major Harmony OS 3 software update for its premium smartwatches. The Huawei Watch 3 & Watch GT 3 lineup across the globe is in the first line to receive it. The rollout was initially planned for last year, though for an unknown reason, it had to be postponed for the current month. Instead of the beta version, users can use a stable version, so they don’t have to worry about minor issues in software code.

The update has lots of features and optimizations to share. It includes custom watch faces to apply new wallpapers to suit daily outfits. The new Kaleidoscope dial creates a unique style of the user’s picture inside the watch’s face.

A new app to note respiratory health problems has been added to the watch. In a body, it will look for any sign of lung infection by combining physiological indicators like skin temperature and respiratory rate. Initially, the respiratory issue detection function is exclusive to China, and in the meantime, it will release in other regions.

New Harmony OS 3 Update

Further, Huawei adds Flashlight with new options to its wearables. In the flashlight, users can activate various color lights to show on different occasions. The company says you can use it at parties and concerts to show your support. I say it is a good use of a normal flashlight in something new.

The new operation gesture menus will make the watch more responsive and user-friendly. The major update is rolling out for Huawei Watch 3, Watch 3 Pro, GT 3, GT 3 Pro, and GT Runner watch. The file size and build numbers vary depending on your smartwatch.