Galaxy Watch 6 Pro to Get Physical Rotating Bezel

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According to the latest source, Samsung is planning to bring a physical rotating bezel on its next Galaxy Watch 6 Pro smartwatch. If it becomes reality, then it is great news for Galaxy Watch users who are fans of the physical rotating bezel. Last year with Galaxy Watch 5 series, Samsung ditched the physical rotating bezel from both variants and stuck with only the digital one. The company may want to revise its decision with the new six-gen smartwatch.

The report coming from South Korea claims Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will receive a physical rotating bezel. Many Samsung fans love this function, and it is the reason, Samsung has to again change its decision. The regular Galaxy Watch 6 will continue with a digital bezel with all the goodies.

It is not the first time Samsung reversed its decision. After Galaxy Watch, on the ‘Active’ model, it completely removed this feature, but later, it brought it back with the Active 2 model, but that only in digital format.

Galaxy Watch 6 Pro Bezel
Image: Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Later, it was introduced again on Galaxy Watch 3 and continued till Galaxy Watch 4 Classic variant. Again on Galaxy Watch 5 series, Samsung decided to go with a digital bezel from both variants. And finally, we could see it once more on Watch 6 Pro.

Samsung could launch both watches in August 2023 along with its new foldable series. This time the company will make some serious changes to the watches like a MicroLED display, changed design & larger battery on the regular version, and Wear OS 4 version.

Source (Korean)