Samsung has finally discontinued its Tizen Store platform from its Tizen phones. From December 31, no one can download or update apps from the store. It is a big loss for those users who are still using the Tizen smartphone. In June, Samsung had terminated the service for new users to use Tizen Store and download new apps or games. It was only open for existing users to install previously downloaded apps, and now, the service is no longer available for all users.

If you now visit Tizen Store app or website, then it will show you an error code on the screen. The service has closed for all Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 & Z4 smartphones in all the countries. Samsung has already left Tizen smartwatches for Android’s Wear OS 3 platform. Here on, Galaxy Watch 4 and all the upcoming watches may run on Wear OS. For the Tizen phones, the last model was Samsung Z4, which was released in 2017. Later, the company never revealed any new smartphone, so most of the developers slowly left the platform.

Samsung Closed Tizen Store

In 2018, the popular app ACL for Tizen had shut down from the platform. It was a popular and necessary app to download some famous Android apps on Tizen. After that, many apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Modern Combat, Asphalt 8, Line, and many more were discontinued from the Tizen Store. Whats it means for current users? Well, after using Tizen Store for several years, it is now time to leave Samsung’s Tizen phones for Android, iOS, or Huawei smartphones.

By Madhav Biradar

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