How to Check SpO2 or Blood Oxygen on Apple Watch Series 6

In the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the common words you may have heard is blood oxygen level in your body or the scientific word SpO2. There is a tool to measure the blood oxygen level in your body. As per the medical science or WHO, the oxygen level in your blood should be more than 90%. You may have also measured it with the medical tool in the hospital or from the medical workers. Now, to fight against coronavirus, Apple has brought this feature to the new Apple Watch Series 6. The company is quite late in the game as even affordable smart bands like Amazfit Band 5, Fitbit Charge 4, and Charge 3 offers SpO2 monitoring. The Galaxy Watch 3 and Garmin Fenix 6 Series are also capable to measure the blood oxygen.

Talking about Apple, at least for now, Series 6 can detect it. Sadly, the new Apple Watch SE & the older watches don’t support the function. The latest Watch SE has been launched in the same event of Series 6, however, to keep the price lower, the company avoided it from SpO2, ECG, and some other functions. Now, the smartwatch is finally available in all the major markets, so here I am to guide you about how to measure blood oxygen level or SpO2 on Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch. You don’t have to download any apps or update version on your watch to use it. It is part of the function and available in the US and the other supported countries.

Check SpO2 on Apple Watch

SpO2 on Apple Watch Series 6

1. Open Health app on iPhone

The blood oxygen saturation feature is not part of the Watch app. For that, you have to open the Health app. The app is available on your paired iPhone. Open the app.

2. Go to Discover tab

In the Health app, you will see the Discover tab. Click on it

3. Select Airways

In the tab, there is an Airways option. Now don’t think why Airways option in the Health app. Open the section.

4. Choose Oxygen saturation and activate it

By default, the SpO2 function is deactivated and you can activate it from the section. You have to choose Blood saturation and enable it.

5. Finally, stay still for fifteen seconds

Once done, tap on the measure to start the feature. Apple recommends not to move for 15 seconds to get the results. You should also wear it tightly to get the results.

6. To measure it in sleep, enable it from the Sleep section

You can also track it while you sleeping. To do that, from the Sleep in Health app, you can enable the option. It will automatically measure the blood oxygen level while you sleep and show you in the morning.

You can see the detailed results in the Health app. The data compared to the medical tool will not be accurate. Also, if you have a tattoo on the wrist, then also you will not get accurate results. There are many reasons to not get 100% accurate results. We may see an improved version in the later updates. Now, measure the blood oxygen level and tell us your results with us.