Best Apps for Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro

Google has launched its new mid-range smartphones – Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro with additional features. Both smartphones will target different kinds of users as per their budgets. The Pixel series is always known for quality products at a fair price. In the series, customers can get the best quality camera, high-resolution screen, advanced processor, better RAM & bigger battery to enjoy it for a longer duration.

The Google phones are made for various users but all carry the best hardware & software features. In the article, I am going to share some best apps for these Pixel smartphones. I have combined apps from various categories so you can use them in many ways. In the Play Store, these are the best 10 apps for your phone.

1. MV Master

Best Google Pixel 7 Apps

MV Master- Video Status Maker is basically a lyrical video editing application. By using this app, you can create beautiful and mesmerizing videos of your special moments within three easy steps. First, you have to select some pictures from your photo gallery which are suitable for your video theme.

The second step is, to select a template from the given options so your photos will look like a silent film and then give some special effects and filters to complete your lyrical video. MV Master – Video Status Maker is specially designed to highlight video status-making effects to share on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat accounts.

Download: MV Master

2. Cut Cut

Best Google Pixel 7 Apps

This is a professional photo editor application developed and introduced by APUS. In this app, you will find lots of WhatsApp statuses & stickers, and background themes for free to download. From this app, you can download motivational, love quotes, and good morning/ afternoon/ evening/ night messages & status.

It has special features to create funny images & can merge cool photos with beautiful backgrounds. Find a huge collection of free stickers and photo editing tools. This app is easily available in Play Store for Pixel 7 series, and it occupies only 24MB of your storage space.

Download: Cut Cut

3. TikTok

Best Google Pixel 7 Apps

TikTok is now very famous in all age groups to make funny videos or little jokes. This is the best fun entertainment application related to lyrical videos and creating short-form mobile videos. TikTok has so many short-time musical videos. Once you start to go with TikTok, then you can’t take your eyes off it.

You can discover millions of music videos of many categories of other people who posted on it to entertain others. You can open your personal account to create that kind of video for fun and enjoyment without just paying for anything. TikTok is now one of the largest startups in the world with millions of active users.

Download: TikTok

4. AppLock

Best Google Pixel 7 Apps

AppLock is developed to protect your all personal stuff from others. Google provides the best security to its all devices and releases monthly updates to keep devices safe though it is better to have extra hands. It will protect your privacy in many ways of lock system- by fingerprint recognition, password lock, pattern lock system, and applying for a pin number.

This app has some highlight points also. The first is Break-in-alert. This feature will take a selfie of who is trying to open any app protected by AppLocker. To fake the unlock screen, this app has a special feature called Disguise Lock. The feature will misguide the person who is trying to unlock your device. And the best feature is Hide AppLock Icon – it will change the AppLock icon into a calculator so no one could find it.

Download: AppLock

5. B612

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Apps

The B612- Beauty & Filter Camera is the best app to take selfies and videos with amazing filters and beautiful effects. It has more than 1000 Facial recognition stickers, stylish filters, Real-time beauty effects, boomerangs, and filters for food and landscape.

With B612, you can create your high-quality perfect selfie portfolio and dynamic videos with playback background tunes. You can take boomerang videos for fun elements, and create collages of your special moments to save memories of special occasions.

Download: B612

6. Freeletics

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Apps

Freeletics will work as your personal coach and guide you in your body transformation by giving personalized abs, arms & leg workouts. With the help of Freeletics: Personal Fitness Coach, you can do HIIT workouts anywhere and get in better shape. The personal coach in an app can build your strength and tone your body in a perfect way.

Without any equipment, this app has 900+ body workouts for you to lose weight and gain muscle mass.

This app will give you tutorial videos as per your body’s needs, and it will help you to set your goal and make it happen. You will get amazing results when you follow all the instructions given in the Freeletics app.

Download: Freeletics

7. Wallpapers HD, 4K Background

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Apps

Wallpapers HD, 4K Background has lots of suitable craft wallpapers for your device. If you use the app, then you will see very new wallpaper per hour on your mobile screen.

It has plenty of wallpapers of every category for your phones like animals, flowers, cars, food, places, and many more. Wallpapers HD, 4K backgrounds app will give your phone a correct-sized trimmed wallpaper of HD quality and good resolutions.

Download: Wallpapers HD

8. Microsoft To-Do

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Apps

This app’s name is giving you detailed information about the app. Microsoft To-Do: List, task & Reminder will help you to create a perfect timetable for your day with your to-do list written.

It will give you the correct way to accomplish your work with your previous plans. It is best to organize your day with the information given by you and gives you smart suggestions regarding your plan. You can set due dates and reminders so the app will give you the last chance to complete your task.

Download: Microsoft To Do

9. MX Player

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Apps

MX Player is one of the best video players with advanced updated systems and provides subtitles to watch videos in another language. Multi-core decoding system is supported by the MX player. With this, the MX player will perform 70% better than the single-core device. All Google Pixel smartphones support all formats of videos, so the default video player is also better to watch videos.

It has a subtitle gesture, you can read all the dialogues of the movie in any type of subtitle format while watching. MX player is easy to access and best for watching movies and video clips on Android smartphones.

Download: MX Player

10. SHAREit

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Apps

SHAREit is the fastest file-sharing app on mobile devices. The app is available on Android & iOS devices and cross-supports both platforms. Send any files to other smartphones with high speed, 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

As per the company, you can send 1GB of a file within 6 seconds, now that’s what we call speed. Transfer all kinds of files including photos, music, videos, apps & other file formats. The SHAREit app is available in the Play Store for free.

Download: SHAREit

These are the best-sorted apps for the Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro devices. All the apps have earned the best ratings in the store, and some are highly recommended by the Android team. Go to Play Store, and install all the apps on the phones.