15 Best Apps for Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 devices are now in the market with high-end functions. The users will receive all in one pack into these monster phones, and the camera department is elite in the club. The last two updates for Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra, has enhanced the capabilities of the cameras to capture better quality pictures and also fixed minor bugs. In the market, Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most powerful smartphone in the spec wise as well as with its mega 108MP camera sensor, first of its kind. To make it even better, the Play Store offers the best apps for Galaxy S20 smartphones to get most of it.

To improve the user experience, Samsung time to time releases many apps for flagship smartphones. The previous Camera Controller app and the Good Lock’s module Theme Park are some new tools for the premium devices. The same may happen with new flagship phones, and we see some exclusive apps for Galaxy S20. Till then, we will dig the Android Play Store library to find out must have apps for Galaxy S20 series. In the list, I have recommended 15 best apps for Galaxy S20, Galaxy s20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphones.

Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Apps

1. HabitHub

Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Apps

The app to let you make a new habit and stick to it. Isn’t it simple? I don’t think so. Building new habits and go with it is challenging tasks; that’s why many people can’t change their old practices. Don’t worry, new habitHub: Habit Tracker & Goal Tracker Motivation app will help you to build a new habit and track it every day. It says to adopt new practices we need at least 21 days to go with it, so get this app and use it daily. Add a new goal and track it daily or weekly and also give rewards when you achieve it.

Download: HabitHub

2. LastPass Password Manager

You may have encountered this problem of having lots of passwords for different accounts, and later you forget them. Facebook, Twitter, Google, TikTok, Yahoo, your computer, net banking, smartphone, and now smartwatches, how many passwords we have to remember to unlock them. It is the reason most password manager apps rise to store your credential pins or passwords. The LastPass Password Manager is a highly rated app in the Play Store that stores & protects all your passwords with one master password. It also recommends new passwords for your new online accounts.

Download: LastPass

3. Podcast Addict

What do you think, podcasts are only available on iPhones or iPads? It is wrong. You can listen to thousands of popular podcasts from the world’s influencers on Android smartphones. The Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra support 1080p as well as 4K videos, and it is perfect for playing any podcasts. The Podcast Addict is the app lets you play any podcasts on Android. You can search by category, by trending videos or by popular categories. You will get the new podcasts. It is free to download, and you can get the premium version for $3.99 from the Play Store.

Download: Podcast Addict

4. SwiftKey Keyboard

The most Essential & third-party app for Galaxy S20 series smartphones. SwiftKey is different from the Samsung Keyboard & Google Keyboard and super fast in your help. It is the most downloaded third-party customized keyboard on Android as well as iOS devices. Over 5 million users on Android and the same number of users on Apple devices are using it daily. It has neat themes, useful predictions, autocorrections, and needy updates. Recently, in the last update, SwiftKey has added an Indian rupee sign to the keyboard. The SwiftKey keyboard is available for free in the Play Store.

Download: SwiftKey

5. Pulse SMS

Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Apps

Not a free app but a paid app worth your single penny. Pulse SMS allows you to send SMS in private mode that encrypted with high-end technology. It offers many themes, GIF support, blacklist option for spammers or to block an unknown person and the dual-SIM support. For the monthly subscription, it charges $0.99 for a month and $9.99 for a one-time fee. In the time of WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram, many users still prefer traditional messaging to send messages & Pulse SMS come there.

Download: Pulse SMS

6. Azar

If you don’t have any luck on Tinder, then you can try it on, Azar. Another dating app in the Play Store. Not the same dating app like Tinder, but it also allows you to make friends with anyone in the world. The app has over millions of users, and like this category apps, you can swipe to the right or left to like or dislike the person. If you find the match or someone accepts your friendship, then you can chat or video call with them.

Download: Azar

7. Medium

The content reading app to feed you with daily articles from different newspapers or websites & blogs. Samsung has a partnership with Flipboard, the most popular content reading app. The company has pre-installed Flipboard on all its Galaxy A series & premium smartphones. The Galaxy S20 series also has a special tab for Flipboard. Along with it, you can use Medium for free and without any ads. Worlds almost all widespread & trusted websites are here with their in-depth articles that feed you daily news.

Download: Medium

8. Google Pay

One of the fastest & secure money transferring app. The Google Pay is now widely available in most countries, allows money transfers using bank account number & IFSC codes. In a country like India, you can send money by using UPI (Unified Payment Interface) with few clicks. The payment transfer limit is varied by country to country though it will do your work. You can’t use it to send to other digital payment wallets, but you can use it for shopping online, paying your bills, and for money transfer.

Download: Google Pay

9. Day-to-day Expenses

For your daily expenses, you can use the Day-to-day Expenses app. The free and ad-free app will help to manage all your money and tells you where your money is going. You just have to add your monthly income and your daily expenses, and the app will do the math for you. Bu using Day-to-day Expenses, you can make your budget to save money for other purposes. You can also set money priorities on most basic problems like emergencies or future planning.

Download: Day-to-day

10. StarMaker

Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Apps

Everyone wants to be a star on TikTok by creating unique videos that people like and share. TikTok is a short video creating platform, but if you don’t want to show off, then you can use StarMaker. The app allows you to sing a song and become music sensational. It creates a platform for users to sing songs on international as well as local music. It has thousands of songs to sing and become a famous person on the StarMaker platform. The app has downloaded over 50 million times, so it is an excellent opportunity for you if you have a great voice.

Download: StarMaker

11. VivaVideo

VivaVideo – the Video editor and video maker app is best for creating videos. You can edit the videos to make it perfect or create a video from scratch. As we said earlier, more & more users are these days creating videos for TikTok & also; there is growth for YouTubers. These users daily need such an app to make unique videos, and VivaVideos helps them to do it. Download the VivaVideo video maker & editor app on your Galaxy S20 Ultra and make the best video with a 108MP camera sensor.

Download: VivaVideo

12. Microsoft Translator

You may have used Google Translator app on Android smartphones. Do you know there is another better app from Microsoft that translates every language accurately? You can convert words from any language to English or vice versa. It is useful for travelers who travel abroad and needs and guide to translate the native language. As the review Microsoft Translator received in the Play Store, I recommend you to use it along with Google Translator and make a choice. It supports camera translation, voice translation, person voice translation, phrase translation, and many more options.

Download: Microsoft Translator

13. Disney+ (Hotstar in India)

The newly launched Disney+ has become the main rival to the Netflix & Amazon Prime Video. The movie streaming industry is on a pick, and Disney+ is now offering all the Disney content to the users. You will get favorite movies like Star Wars, Avengers, Toy Story, Pirates of the Carebian, and all Pixar & Marvel Studio pictures. It also has all the popular shows and documentaries. Disney+ costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 for an annual subscription.

Download: Disney+

14. Pedometer

Smartwatch is now everyone’s choice, and most of the users are having it for fitness purposes. Still, some customers don’t have enough budget for wearables. Those users can find the best choice in their app gallery. The Pedometer is such an app that helps you to count your steps and the calories you burned while walking or running. Pedometer, step counter & calorie counter app is simple and most accurate in the Play Store so you can prefer it for your indoor or outdoor activities.

Download: Pedometer

15. Relay for Reddit

Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Apps

The new way to browse famous, further reading, or content reading app Reddit. The Relay for Reddit is a customized app for Reddit, allows you to read Reddit content in a new interface. It is not a free app. You have to pay $0.99 to get access to the app, but it gives you a wholly unique experience. The original Reddit app doesn’t have too many options. Here, you will get lots of designs, animations, and many more supports. It also has a free version of the Play Store you can choose any of this one as per your needs.

Download: Relay for Reddit

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra are flagship smartphones of 2020. All the apps from Android Play Store support without any glitches or slowness. These phones have over 8GB RAM & S20 Ultra carries 16GB RAM & it makes them one of the fastest devices in the market. That’s why it is challenging to choose the best apps for Galaxy S20 series devices though I recommend you use these 15 apps.