Facebook On Apple Watch Series 4

Facebook is the most popular social media app used by billions of people across the world. It is the best platform to stay connected with your friends and family and know the updates about them. This platform is used by people to share their thoughts, moments, images and videos with the community and get response from them in the form of likes and comment. You will not get any internet person these days which will not be using Facebook. Though Facebook is widely used by people on regular gadgets such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads and laptops but the smartwatches also provide the alternate platform to this social media app and enhance the connectivity. It is some policy of Apple that put Facebook & Instagram away from its Apple Watch store.

The latest Apple Watch series 4 will be the best smart wearable which supports Facebook and let you stay connected with your friends without practically using your iPhone. This app is compatible with your Apple Watch. You can download and install Facebook app in your smartwatch. Apple Watch series 4 is the latest smartwatch introduced with complete redesign and advanced features like AI support, ECG and overhauled Siri which perform more functions than earlier. The smartwatch based on the optimized Watch OS 5 and built with huge 16 GB internal storage allows you to install several useful apps.

Facebook on Apple Watch

To download Facebook, first you have to connect your Apple Watch Series 4 with compatible iPhone and then open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Now select and open the App Store tab and choose the Facebook app to download. The app is compatible with your watch so automatically it will be installed on your smartwatch.

While trying this please ensure that you are using the compatible iPhone that can be connected with Apple Watch Series 4, you must have iPhone 6/iOS 12 and later.

Now you are ready to deal with your Facebook on Apple watch, with this app you can text messages to your friends and respond to friend requests, see what friends are up to and do more directly from your wrist. You can share images, videos and updates from your smartwatch and get notifications when people respond to your posts. Now you can watch and interact with live videos from the friends and family with your wrist and Facebook Marketplace allows you to trade locally with much ease. Having Facebook on your Apple Watch means ensuring the enhanced connectivity wherever you go.


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