Guide to Sleep Tracking on Galaxy Fit & Fit 2

It will take time to release Galaxy Fit 3 in the market, though we hoped it for in Galaxy Watch 4 event. Sleep tracking function on Galaxy Fit, Fit e & Fit 2 are different than the Galaxy Watches. Again with the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4, it has become more forward-looking than its predecessors. The new fitness trackers from the company also have sensors beneath them to get accurate sleep results. The sleep measurement on your fitness band tracks your sleep quality and guides you to get full of night. Humans must get enough sleep to work better and use creativity at its best. Thanks to Samsung, now we have a better smart band to wear at night.

Unlike the Galaxy Watch lineup, you will not find sleep monitoring on the Galaxy Fit series. You have to manually add the sleep feature to the tracker to measure it. Samsung provides you light, deep, and REM sleep stages with the daily, weekly & monthly records. Once you set the feature on the band, then you can wear it daily at night. For first-time users, and for those users who don’t understand how to use sleep tracking on Galaxy tracker, follow these steps. Before anything else, pair your Galaxy Fit with the Galaxy Wearable app.

Sleep Tracking on Galaxy Fit 2

1. Download the Samsung Health app

All the exercises and fitness-related features from the company includes in this app. Samsung offers all its premium features for free, where you have to pay for some premium functions on Apple Watch & Fitbit wearables. To start tracking, download the Samsung Health app. It is available in the Android Play Store, Galaxy Store & iOS App Store.

2. Open Galaxy Wearable app

Galaxy Fit 2 Sleep Tracking

As I said, to connect a smart band with a smartphone, you need the Galaxy Wearable app. Download, install, and pair tracker with the phone, and open it.

3. Add Sleep widget

Galaxy Fit 2 Sleep Tracking

If you don’t see the Sleep widget on your Galaxy Fit or Fit 2, then you can add the Sleep widget from the Widgets menu. To do that, go to Widgets and then Add widget, Sleep.

4. Open Samsung Health

In the Wearable app, you will get the Samsung Health option. Click on it to open the app.

5. In the Samsung Health app, tap on the Sleep option

Samsung Health app has lots of exercise features like heart rate, weight, floors, stress, blood pressure & more. Here Sleep option has been provided, so click on the Sleep option.

6. Here you can choose Record manually or track it automatically

Galaxy Fit 2 Sleep Tracking

In the sleep option, You can set your sleeping habits manually or let you track them automatically. You can see your sleep details in the Track option and the sleeping trends in the Trend tab.

7. Track your sleep on the Fit 2 widget

Galaxy Fit 2 Sleep Tracking

The newly added, Sleep widget has appeared on Galaxy Fit trackers. Slide the main screen from right to left side until you find the Sleep tab.

The sleep management tab is only supported on Android & Galaxy smartphones, and it misses on iOS or iPhone devices. In the sleep management option, you get a REM cycle, deep sleep, and total sleep data. Now, measure your sleep on Galaxy Fit & Fit 2 fitness tracker and share your experience.

3 thoughts on “Guide to Sleep Tracking on Galaxy Fit & Fit 2

  1. Hello, I can’t get past the syncing stage for the Galaxy Wearable app, as it apparently won’t recognize my Gear Fit for some reason. Any help in getting it to sync so I can get to the other steps you mention? So far I’ve had no luck in finding any help online as to why I can’t sync. It’s clearly not that it’s too old, as Samsung Fit Manager and Samsung Health both still sync with my Gear Fit, although I do have to go though some hoops wirh the latter to sync the step data.

  2. Thank you, but what about a smart alarm based on Phases? How could I heal my sleep if the alarm is always goes on on specific time

  3. Thanks Madhav, but how do we get the sleep details? As in your screenshot I see the blue bars for when I was asleep, but no REM, light, deep sleep details or score. I had done the steps you mentioned. My Fit2 sleep widget shows colored bars like for different stages of sleep, bit the app doesn’t even after resynching

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