Get WhatsApp & Facebook Messages on Noise Colorfit Pulse

For the last two years, Noise has dominated the Indian market with a wide range of successful wearables. It has launched ColorFit Pro 3, Pro 3 Ultra, Pulse, Pulse Grand, and Ultra Buzz watches. As per the research team at Counterpoint, the latest Colorfit Pulse series is the most selling Noise smartwatch in the Indian market. We have also tested this Rs. 2,000 watch when it launched and now, we are moving further to explore its other features. The app notifications and call alerts are one such feature to mention here.

The call answering and call rejection with message reply is still missing, but app notifications are available to serve. The smart notification feature allows you to receive social media or SMS messages on the Noise Colorfit watches. It displays the whole message on the main screen so you can react to it. WhatsApp & Facebook are the most popular apps for many users and in this section, I will cover both of them. After the article, you will know how to get WhatsApp & Facebook messages on Noise Colorfit Pulse & Pulse Grand watches.

WhatsApp on Noise ColorFit Pulse
  1. Download NoiseFit app
  2. Pair your smartwatch
  3. Open the app
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Choose your device from the Connected Device section
  6. Tap on the Notifications & Alerts option
  7. Give required permissions
  8. Enable notifications for the Noise app
  9. Activate the Toggle button on WhatsApp
  10. Activate the Toggle button on Facebook
  11. On the smartwatch, slide left to right on the main screen to read messages

In simple steps, I have covered all the steps. To work everything fine, first, permit the NoiseFit app from the Phone Settings. Also, if you have muted or blocked someone on WhatsApp or Facebook, then you will not get those notifications on your Noise ColorFit smartwatch.