How to Use WhatsApp on Fitbit Ionic, Versa, Versa Lite & Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 is premium smartwatch that comes with some new essential functions and third-party app support. Fitbit has finally received an official Spotify app, so users can now listen to their favorite songs online or offline. Now the company has launched it on previous Versa, Versa Lite & Iconic smartwatches with all the original features. Alexa is also pre-installed as a personal voice assistant on the Versa 2 to guide you in many ways. Then what about WhatsApp on Fitbit Versa & Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatches, is it available for Fitbit watches?

Well, the answer is not going in your favor. You have to wait another year or two to get the WhatsApp app. it is not available on Fitbit Sense or Versa 3 too. Luckily, even though there is no official app, you can use WhatsApp in other ways. You can use it on Apple iPhone or Android smartphones. It is not the way to experience the whole app on your smartphone but this way, you can receive, reply, edit or delete messages. Here is how to use WhatsApp on Fitbit Versa & Versa 2 wearables.

WhatsApp on Fitbit Ionic, Versa & Versa 2

WhatsApp on Fitbit1. Make sure Bluetooth is ON on your paired smartphone

2. Go to Settings & enable Notifications on the smartphone

3. Now open Fitbit app & tap on Account

4. You will see your smartwatch name, Versa or Versa 2. Click on it

5. In the options, tap on Notifications

6. Then choose App Notifications

7. Now in the list activate the button or toggle in front of WhatsApp Messenger

It is the easiest way to receive & read WhatsApp messages on your Fitbit smartwatch. Whenever you get the new message, it will appear on the main screen. You can swipe down to read it or tap & hold the top button.

Make sure you didn’t mute any contact or groups in WhatsApp. Those messages will not arrive on the smartwatch. If you softened those contacts on purpose then avoid it. Fitbit will store max of 30 messages on the smartwatch and when the new one comes, the older one will be deleted. If you have any difficulties in these steps then ask me any questions using the conversation box below. Now, Fitbit is a part of Google, and Fitbit Charge 5 has launched with it. We can bait on Fitbit Sense 2 to get premium apps & features.

7 thoughts on “How to Use WhatsApp on Fitbit Ionic, Versa, Versa Lite & Versa 2

  1. I can’t receive the whats app message on my versa. I am not able to change the setting of Notifications on my phone as there is no longer the option of changing the Popup notification.

  2. I have completed the steps above but when I send the WhatsApp message it does not come the Fitbits face instead I need to swipe down in the face of the Fitbit to see the message , It used to come to the face of the watch but not anymore , could it be a setting that I maybe changed by mistake ?

  3. i hv sent a msg yesterday saying that i am able to get the incoming calls in the Fitbit versa 2. I see the signal ..but i cannot answer the call. when i pressed the incoming phone icon, no response. when i swipe there is no response. but the screen closes and i could not see anymore…Please inform me how to answer the calls from my versa 2. Thanks

  4. yes, i hv done as you say. I tried a test msg. I recd in fitbit versa 2. You said upto 30 msgs will be stored ..may i know where it is stored and how to see that msgs. Thanks

  5. I have activated the WhatsApp notifications but it doesn’t notify me on my Fitbit. I receive notifications of calls but not the messages.

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