WhatsApp is the most popular social sharing app worldwide and it is the best and easiest way to contact people. It is the platform used by billions of people to communicate with each other. WhatsApp gets continuously updated and adds new features to it and makes the app more interesting. There are lots of social media apps available for the users but WhatsApp provides a convenient, easy, and cheap means to stay connected with your friends and other contacts.

Unlike other social media apps which need login and password, WhatsApp is simple to use as once you registered on it you need no login further. You can send messages, share photos and videos easily with your contacts and groups on WhatsApp. Here are top 10 best hidden WhatsApp features you should know.

WhatsApp Features

1. Hide Your Profile Picture and Status

On WhatsApp, you can hide your profile picture from your contacts if you want to do so. There is an option available that with whom, you can share your profile picture. For this, you have to go to Settings, then tap the Account option, later on, select the Privacy to set who can see your WhatsApp profile picture. In the same way, you can share your status on WhatsApp with either limited people or the whole of your contact list.

2. Delete messages after sent

Earlier, when you once send messages on WhatsApp, there was no option available to delete the message, but now recently this feature is added. By using this function, you can delete the messages sent by you to any particular contact or group, if you think they are irrelevant. But this option is available for a limited time period like for an hour. To delete the message, you have to long-press the message and select the option delete for everyone.

3. Delete media from particular contact or group

To avoid your storage space consuming by any particular contact or group on WhatsApp, you can delete all the messages, photos, audio, and videos from selective contacts. For this, go to the settings and select the Data and storage usage option. After selecting that, go to the Storage usage option. Here you will see all the chats ranked according to storage space they are consuming. Now, select any contact or group, and tap on the Manage space option given below, and you can clear all the data which frees your space.

4. Hide WhatsApp chat

On WhatsApp, the people whom you chat with frequently, appear on the top, and it is easy to contact them later. But if you want to hide chat with some contacts from your WhatsApp list, you can do it by Archive option. For this just long-press the contact whose chat you want to hide, and select the Archive option above. In this way, this chat is hidden, and you cannot see this chat further in your list. To access this chat, you have to scroll down to the bottom.

5. Share your live location

You can share your live location with your contacts on WhatsApp, which makes someone easy to trace you. This is a real-time location that you can share with particular contacts for 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 8 hours. It’s very simple to share location on WhatsApp. You just have to tap the attachment icon, which is available in the text input. After that, select the share live location option.

6. Mark messages

If you want to preserve and store some important messages from a contact or group, then you can do it easily. To save the messages from any particular contacts, you have to just long-press the message and tap the star icon above. To retrieve the messages, you can select the triple-dot option above in the menu.

7. Change Font: Bold, Italics & Strikethrough

You have the option to change the format of the message you send to your contacts. To change the format of the text you written in the input box, just long-press the text, and select the option given like bold, italics, and strikethrough. There is an option also to manually change the format.

8. Change WhatsApp Number

You can easily switch from one WhatsApp number to other if you are planning to change the number. To change WhatsApp from your registered number to a new number and keep using the same account, just go to the Settings. Now select the account, and Change the number option to easily get registered with your new number.

9. UPI Payments

There is a new feature available made by WhatsApp to make payments. For your contacts who have WhatsApp payments, you can ask them to invite you to enable this feature. The UPI payment choice is available in the chat window. You can find this option by using the Attachment icon.

10. Backup Data on Google Drive

You can backup your WhatsApp data to Google Drive so that you can restore the data easily when required or when you reinstall the WhatsApp. To backup data, go to Settings, chat, and select the Chat backup option. You can restore the data frequently by WhatsApp on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis from Google Drive.

11. Disappear Messages

This is a new feature of the WhatsApp Messenger app on both iOS & Android platforms. In this feature, your sent messages will be deleted after a specific time. Isn’t it cool. It is like a Hollywood spy movie, where top-secret messages get destroyed. Even your images, texts, videos, audios, or documents are not that confidential, you should use this function.

These are the best-known hidden features of WhatsApp that every user must know to use WhatsApp easily and conveniently. If you find any difficulties with these features, then let me know so I could help you. These all features are available on the WhatsApp version of Apple & Android smartphones & tablets. The WhatsApp version of Apple smartwatches & Tizen operating system is different, so you will not get all the features on these platforms.

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