Over the Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S23 is not just a minor upgrade. There are lots more inside than outside. Yes, they have carried nearly the same design as Galaxy S22, but inside, the company has changed many things to improve its performance, and one of them is its camera. In this competitive segment, any smartphones companies are not staying for long in the top position. Last year, it was Google Pixel 7 Pro, and later came iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Now again, the crown for the best camera has come to Galaxy S23 Ultra. To stay on top this time, and to give any support by any means, Samsung has created helping tools to get excellent results in photography and videography.

Expert RAW & Camera Assistant tools will make sure you will not lose any settings while in photography. Even if don’t apply it in after effects, you can capture pretty accurate images with default settings. Some third-party apps can enhance your photography, and here we will discuss them.

1. Filmic Pro

Best Galaxy S23 Camera Apps

Expert RAW is not the only app to tweak your camera. If you search in Play Store, then you can find plenty of new such apps. One such app is Filmic Pro for Android phones. It let you change specific manual control to adjust your picture quality, set exposure & focus, and white balance adjustment. Top on of that, it comes with RGB control, gamma curve control, and more features. It comes with a price, but worth to use on Galaxy S23.

Install: Filmic Pro

2. ProCam X

Best Galaxy S23 Camera Apps

It will turn your camera into a professional camera with plenty of features. It has been downloaded by millions of users, and still, it has over 4-star ratings. Control exposure, ISO, focus, white balance, color effects, manual shutter speed, and burst shooting mode. It supports 4K video recording with a lot of options. The ProCam X is available for free to install, though spend some money to unlock premium functions.

Install: ProCam X

3. Open Camera

Best Galaxy S23 Camera Apps

The first two apps are paid in some way, and now let’s talk about a free camera that doesn’t ask you for any chunk. The Open Camera is such free app that offers all the essential features. It has been installed by over 50 Million users so far with a positive response. What you get in Filmic Pro & ProCam X, you will all get in the Open Camera app. In the latest app update, the developers have added some more features to the app.

Install: Open Camera

4. Google Camera

Best Galaxy S23 Camera Apps

The Google Camera app is not limited to the Google Pixel series. It also supports other flagship smartphones and Galaxy S23, S23+ & S23 Ultra devices. Google developed this app long ago, and from time to time, it adds new features to it. It also lets you control exposure, white balance, and more options. It also enhances night photography and reduces noise at some level. It is completely free in the Play Store.

Install: Google Camera

Apart from these apps, there are many apps to consider, though you can use these.

By Prutha Hirve

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