Connect Bluetooth Headset to Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2

Samsung smartwatches offer the best value to customers. You can make a call, listen to music or watch videos on the tiny screen. Samsung provides the best services to the customers since the Gear S3 & Gear Sport wearables in the best possible ways. Now Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Watch Active 2 are the best smartwatches in the premium market segment. Well, don’t count Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch 4 & 4 Classic in the list. The LTE version of these smartwatches allows you to receive calls or make a call from the watch. To do so, you need Bluetooth headphones to answer the calls, because it doesn’t support traditional wired headphones.

You can connect the Bluetooth earbuds to the watches and answer the call. Even you can listen to the songs on Spotify, Music player, YouTube and other music streaming services that installed on your paired smartphones. The third-party YouTube apps also allow you to watch YouTube videos on the little screen but with Bluetooth earbuds like Galaxy Buds pro & Buds 2, Beats earphones or other best quality wireless earphones. Here I will guide you step by step how to connect Bluetooth headset to Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Watch active 2.

1. Open Settings app

Galaxy Watch Tips

Go to the Settings menu in your Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active or Active 2 smartwatch. You can open it from the Settings app, or slide your finger from the above side of the watch. Here, you will see the Settings icon. Tap on it.

2. Select Connections

Galaxy Watch Tips

The Connections section will help you to connect your watch in various ways. You can get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, location & Alert options to connect your watch online or pay your bills using Samsung Pay.

3. Click on Bluetooth

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In the Connections, you will get Bluetooth option Click on it. The Bluetooth connection needs to connect other devices, including smartphones, tablets or headphones so open the Bluetooth option.

4. Now open BT Headset

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In the Bluetooth option first, make sure it is On & visible to all near devices. After that, click on the BT Headset option. Then automatically, it will search for Bluetooth headsets near you.

5. Now Scan to search

Galaxy Watch Tips

In the BT Headset tap on Scan option to search for nearby Bluetooth devices. You will see the name of your wireless earphones on the screen. Select it and automatically the earbuds or earphones will connect with your Samsung smartwatch.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has introduced with a YouTube app created by third-party developers. You can set your Galaxy Buds or other wireless headphones to watch videos on your smartwatch. These are the simple steps to connect Bluetooth headset to Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Galaxy Watch Active 2 wearables. Have any queries in mind? Then drop your words in the comment box or contact us.