How to Use Facebook on Galaxy Watch 4

Since the first Gear S, all the smartwatch users are waiting for the official Facebook app. Although Facebook is still missing, the Wear OS & Apple Watch get Messenger service. It is still available in the WatchOS store with the official version. It is in the Meta developer’s hand to launch the official app for Galaxy Watch, but in recent years, Samsung has minimized that gap. Every year, Samsung has improved its notification system to show every message, image, GIF & sticker. The new Galaxy Watch 4 series with Wear OS 3 has the same support.

WhatsApp Messenger was the first app to get full support on the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Later, all the apps start getting rich notifications on the smartwatch. It will not replace the whole app ecosystem on the wearable. With some benefits, it is always to have alerts to know what is happening on your social media accounts. In recent, social media & messaging apps have landed in the Play Store for Wear OS, which is a good start. Until the time come, let’s use Facebook on the Wear OS watch. Here, know how to use Facebook on Galaxy Watch 4.

1. Go to Phone Settings – App Notifications

Facebook on Galaxy Watch 4It is the first step to getting the alerts. It is required to get access to your phone and give permission to your smartwatch.

2. Enable Facebook notifications

Facebook on Galaxy Watch 4On most phones, Facebook services or notifications are turned off for privacy purposes. You have to enable it manually from the app notification section. Activate the toggle to give permission.

3. Open Galaxy Wearable app

Facebook on Galaxy Watch 4After permitting the phone setting. Now, it is time to do the same from the Galaxy Wearable app. The pairing app demands a separate pass to show the notification. It is useful to get any notification from the app on the smartwatch. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your paired Android smartphone.

4. Go to Watch Settings – Notifications

Facebook on Galaxy Watch 4In this Watch Settings segment, you can get every setting and feature that belongs to Galaxy Watch 4. It shows notifications to display, sound, battery, apps, accessibility, and other settings. You need the first setting option, and that is Notifications.

5. Show phone notifications on the watch

Facebook on Galaxy Watch 4It is the first option you will notice in the notification section. It has Show alerts when the phone is not in use, and Show alerts even when the phone is in use. Select any one option from here.

6. Enable Facebook app alerts

Facebook on Galaxy Watch 4In the list, you will finally notice the Facebook app. It is disabled and should activate by just tapping on the toggle button.

These are all steps required to get Facebook alerts on Wear OS 3-based Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic. Do remember to turn off Do Not Disturb mode to receive the notification. Also, it needs to get in touch with a paired phone to show alerts.