Premium Watch Faces for Galaxy Watch, Watch Active & Active 2

With the extremely high prices, a Rolex watch is not in the budget of every watch lover. Even today’s premium watches are going towards high costs every year so basically most customers these days getting a smartwatch. The prices for most of the smartwatches are not so high and you can get one smartwatch with the whole pack. The Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Watch Active 2 are the example of such combination that comes with fair prices & all the premium functions. You can get the Samsung smartwatch and then apply loads of premium or luxurious watch faces. In other word; expensive watch faces for the Rolex-like look.

In recent months, many watch face makers have introduced us to their creative ideas to set a beautiful theme on the wearable. Samsung has always released new watch faces when the company has launched a new smartwatch in the market. You can get exclusive Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch, Watch Active & the latest Watch Active 2 faces in the Galaxy Store. If you want more choices then you can buy them from the store. We have listed some of the best premia or luxury watch faces for Galaxy Watch, Watch Active or Active 2 watches.

1. Master Pieces – ProLotus

Premium Watch Faces

Looking for the most expensive or premium watch face? Then Master Pieces – ProLotus by Master Pieces VIENNA STUDIOS Design is the most costly theme in the Galaxy Store. We still don’t understand why it cost more than most of the Samsung smartwatches, even more than Galaxy Watch Active. The look is premium but not worth the price, and it is not in the budget of every Samsung watch user. The truth, if you have earned loads of money then buy ProLotus for your watch.

2. Dominus Mathias

Premium Watch Faces

Dominus Mathias is a luxury series of them for the watch, comes in different colors & variants. It offers a 3D rotation effect to the main screen and highly customizable, with 3x deals with lots of features. On the front screen, it shows heart rate digital indicator, digital time, distance, burned calories, charging indicator and many more.

3. SamWatch Steelo Series 2

Premium Watch Faces

The dial gives a premium feel to the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Watch Active 2 smartwatches. It only shows time, date and the current day on the main screen but its design makes it exclusive. It is available for $4.99 in the Galaxy Store and it supports all new Samsung smartwatches.

4. TimeWalker Sinkover

Premium Watch Faces

You may has used such watches before. It just looks like Casio’s famous watch screen. The premium watchmaker Casio always makes such themes for its royal watches. The watch face maker, TimeWalker, has brought us the same dials with lots of information on the main screen. You can get emails, music, steps, battery percentage, weather, phone and schedule on the front screen.

5. Steam Punk

Premium Watch Faces

In our last watch face, we have listed Steam Punk, which comes with an animated HD look and lots of information. It offers 12 & 24 hours in digital, battery level, step counter, current-day & date, and roman numerals. It is available for $1.99 in the Galaxy Store for all Samsung smartwatches.

You have to pay for all the premium dials. The first dial in this list is overpriced so you better check the price before you buy it. To download these watch faces, go to Galaxy Store on your Android smartphone or Apple smartphone or use your Galaxy series watch. To recommend your premium or luxury watch face in the list, then drop the words in the box below. If you are a watchmaker then send us your new watch face to us and we will add it in the above list.