Best Watch Faces for Galaxy watch Active & Active 2

Watch faces gives a new look to the smartwatches as per our attire. With the watch faces, we can change the main screen with premium feel that can match our profession. Like if you are the fitness-centric person then you will love to see all fitness-related features on your main screen. Also, if you want to change the face of the screen, the same as Rolex watches, then watch faces can help you to do that. New Galaxy Watch Active 2 has the same feature that can turn your attire into the look of your main screen. Just take a photo & then turn it into beautiful faces.

Samsung has recently announced many watch faces for its Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & new Watch Active 2 on time to time. Most of these watch faces fulfilling the basic needs of users. There is huge library in the Galaxy Store where you can choose your best faces for the new watch. Third-party developers have made their best creations & stored into the store so you can choose the best of them.

In this guide, I will give you the numbers of best watch faces for Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 smartwatches. We have chosen them from different categories. Also, some of them are free & some will cost you money.

Best watch faces for Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2

1. Hitoshi Engine

Best Watch Faces

The Hitachi Engine shows your heart rate, steps, daily steps goal, month, date & battery level, moon phase & different app shortcuts. It comes with different combinations. Single tap to open the app & double-tap to set/change custom app shortcuts.

2. G Watch Glacier

It is best for health/fitness purposes that it shows all the needy information on the main screen. An analog & digital designs with a modern style layout and elegant look. You can get calories burned, heart rate, distance traveled, step counts, battery percentage, & some shortcuts on display. The G Watch Glacier is free in Galaxy Store.

3. WFP_0153_Modern_Re

Best Watch Faces

The analog app is useful in many ways like it supports night mode and turns the backlight of various colors. You can choose colors as per your style, change arrow colors, change background colors choose AOD & ambient modes & over 20,000 visual settings. Download the app from the Galaxy App store or Galaxy Wearable app on your paired smartphone.

Best informative watch faces

4. All in One: Analog

Best Watch Faces

It gives all the information at your hand. You can get imperial/metric units, calorie, distance, steps, heart rate, temperature, forecast, moon phase, & weather data on the main display. You can change the colors or customize them from the app settings. The app will let you customize 1-5 app shortcuts to put them on the main screen. As the name says it is all in one face for the Galaxy smartwatches.

5. RBCC 006

Best Watch Faces

Need everything on the watch & still, want to look good? Then the RBCC is the best watch face for the Galaxy Watch Active series. It provides all the information under one roof. It shows weather, alarm, steps, AOD, heart rate, moved distance, burned calories, battery indicator, music player & messages on the front screen. Get the watch from the Wearable app on the phone or Galaxy Store in your smartwatch.

These are the best watch faces for the new Galaxy Watch Active & Watch Active 2 smartwatches. Some apps are free, and some will ask for the money. All the watch faces integrated with lots of information that you need in the first place. We will update this article when there are more watch faces to share. Also, you can share your best watch faces or your creations with us & we will add them in the post.

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