Use Calculator & Voice Recorder on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2

The smartwatch on your wrist is not only for health features, but it also works in other ways to help you. The Galaxy Store opens a huge library of apps, watch faces, and other tools to use them in essential work. In the series of how-to, we have covered many articles like how to use the Internet, Emails, YouTube videos, Strava app, app notifications, DND mode, and many other functions. Now, in this article, I will post how to use calculator and voice recording features on the Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 devices.

You may need a quick tool to count the numbers or other numerical values, and there you can use a calculator. The calculator app on the wrist will help to get a quick output than opening it on the smartphone. The voice Memo app will allow you to save your recording on the smartwatch and use it later. All the Samsung smartwatches come with a microphone, so you can give input and take output. The new Galaxy Watches also offer at least 4GB of RAM, make it easy to save your voice recordings. Follow these guides to learn how to use a calculator & voice recorder on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2.

Calculator & Voice Recorder apps on Galaxy Watch 3

Essential Galaxy Watch Apps

1. Open Galaxy Store on phone or Galaxy Watches

The Galaxy Store allows you to download and install lots of essential apps. It is available on the smartphone, or on your Galaxy smartwatch, so open it.

2. Search for Calculator & Voice Memo app

In the Galaxy Store, you can use the search box to find both apps, or simply go to the Essential app section to get them.

3. Tap on Install & then Open

When you install the app, then it will take some time to download. Once the download complete, tap on the Open button to use it on the Galaxy Watch.

4. Now, open apps on Galaxy Watch

You can also open the app once you download them in the Galaxy Store, but now open them from the smartwatch. In the app and widget list, you will see both calculator & voice recorder apps. Open any of them.

5. About Calculator app

Calculator on Galaxy Watch

In this app, you can get the values of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, and some other options. It is a simple app, and you can give numbers to get the results.

6. About the Voice Memo app

Voice Recorder on Galaxy Watch

Accept all the terms and conditions of the app to start the recording. It is simple as it looks. Tap on the record button, and start talking. Besides the record button, there is a pause/resume and cancel button. After finishing, you can save the recording on the smartwatch or later send it to the paired smartphone. To listen to the saved audio, you will need a Bluetooth headset or earbuds.

Both the Calculator & Voice Memo app has created by the Samsung team. You can freely use the apps without any worries. I hope in the future, Samsung will improve both of them with new additional functions. Tell us about your experience with both of them. To save your time, we have given the Galaxy Store links of both apps below.